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The Statue of Liberty
New York Folklore Society
Civil War Reenactment Headquarters
Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society
Chemung County History
Tri-Counties Genealogy and History
John W. Jones Museum
Victorian Pride - Forgotten Songs of America
78th Division- 309th Infantry 1918-1919
Falkenberg, Germany / Niemodlin, Poland
American Association for State and Local History
Kindred Trails! Worldwide Genealogy Resources - Linking the World Together with Roots
The People of Albany Live Here
The Family History Store
The George Bailey Orchestra

You can find our books at these locations

The Farmers' Museum - Cooperstown, NY
Fenimore Art Museum - Cooperstown, NY
Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society
Cornell Universite Library, Ithaca, NY
Steele Memorial Library, Elmira, NY
Pointe Coupeé Parish Library, New Roads, LA
Goldsboro NC Family History Center

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NYHR explores all aspects of New York State's rich and diverse local history.

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