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Ontario Breeze

by Phebe White
Henderson, New York 1869


Phebe enjoyed dating and parties and boys so much that her Dad took the family horse away from her to keep her from going out.

"Florence and I made another bet on 1 January 1868. I bet 25 cents that Ernie Chapman would marry Em Snow. She bet 25 cents he would not. If they marry each other she is to give me 25 cents, if not I gve her 25 cents. In the meantime, if they marry someone else and if Ernie's wife dies and Em's husband dies and then they marry each other she is to pay me back 25 cents."

Phebe White was eighteen-years-old and in her last year of school before becoming a teacher. She had 34 dates in 1869 and had a whole bunch of fun.

ISBN: 9780983848738
80 pages paperback

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