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German Cookery for the American Home

by Ella Oswald, 1910

Heirloom German recipes like your grandmother and great-grandmother made when they emigrated to America. Vintage recipe titles in German and English, but with English instructions. Beautifully reprinted from Emma Oswald's 1910 edition with a NEW help section on preparing these recipes in modern kitchens.

Hundreds of vintage recipes including Apfelklösse, Dampfnudeln, Eierstick, Einlauf, Mehlklösse, Kartoffelklösse, Semmelklösse, Tirolklösse, Wiener Knockerl, Fisch Ragout, Karpfen in Bier Sauce, Delikatess Heringe, Seefisch in Bier Sauce, Seeungenrollen, Huhn Fricassee, Hasenbraten, Gänsebraten auf Mecklenbergishe art, Hirschsteaks hit Burgundersauce, Rindfleish mit Apfel, Rinderbrägen, Kalbsbrägen, Ragout Fin in Muscheln, Schweinefleish als Wild, Bratklops, Schinkenscheiben in Burgundersauce, Königsberger Klops, Bayrisch Kraut, Rizi Pizi, Leipziger Allerei, Braune Petersiliakartoffeln, Rotkohl, Sauerkraut, Sauer Kartoffeln, Pfeffernüsse, Mohn Torte, Kaffeekuchen, Marzipan, Stolle, and Berliner Waffeln.

Color, Softcover 264 pages $18.95

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