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Our 2010 Issue

John Timon - Buffalo’s First Bishop
Town Meetings in New York"
My Centennial Diary - A Year in the Life of a Country Boy, 1876
My Story - A Year in the Life of a Country Girl, 1880
A Darned Good Time, 1868

$6.95 softcover booklet 54 pages

new york historyOur 2009 Issue

To Kindle the Fire
Carl Albert Janowski Goes to War and Back

$6.95 softcover booklet 38 pages

Our 2014 Issue

Our 2013 Issue

“Raise My Voice Against Intolerance.”
The Anti-Nazi Rally in Madison Square Garden, March 27, 1933,
and the American Public’s Outrage over the Nazi Persecution of Jews
How the Piarists and the Docent Saved Frank Lloyd Wright's Graycliff
One Man's Contribution to the War Effort
Supporting Good Habits: The Rockefellers, the Sisters of Mercy, and Higher Education in New York State
Dutch Women in Seventeenth-Century New Netherland
Remembering Olympia Brown: Pioneer Minister and Advocate for Equal Rights for Women
The Vin Fiz Lands in Elmira
The Architect and the Artist: FDR, Olin Dows,and the New Deal Post Office Program
Three Poetic Monologues from Redwing, New York
“Stick to Your Guns!” The Third United States
Artillery and the Battle of Oswego 1814

Historical Connections: Homer, New York and
Cornell University

$14.95 softcover book 216 pages

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